An inorganic water chemistry dataset of rivers, dams and lakes in South Africa

A national dataset of inorganic chemical data of surface waters (rivers, lakes, and dams) in South Africa is presented. The dataset comprises more than 500 000 samples from 1972 up to 2011 from more than 2000 sample monitoring stations in South Africa. The dataset includes the concentrations of the major ions and other relevant variables that were calculated from the major ions concentrations such as, e.g. charge balance, ionic strength, and sodium adsorption ratio.

Special thanks to Prof. Jan Marten Huizenga for taking the time to compile the database.

Calculation Template
Sample Stations
Sample Statistics
Rivers up to 1998 (A-D) - [83MB]
Rivers up to 1998 (E-X) - [90MB]
Rivers 1999-2012 (A-X) - [70MB]
Dams and lakes up to 1998 (A-X) - [33MB]
Dams and lakes 1999-2012 (A-X) - [19MB]